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Driving at 90 metres

Driving at 90 metres

Dawson hammers have been used all over the world to drive underwater and at considerable depths.  This has demonstrated the company’s dedication to quality products, but particularly the contract, design and service support offered to construction companies who require the highest professional standards and the minimum of down time.

We have various precedents showing our ability to drive at depth into challenging ground, but all with a range of hammers which punches well above its weight and is therefore easy to handle with the existing on board lifting gear.

dawson hammer

Small lift, big punch

As always in such conditions, the company provides appropriately licensed and trained individuals to work on board or on platforms on a programme designed to ensure round the clock support and assistance throughout the duration of the driving schedule.

Our experience includes providing the primary and standby driving options, working with ROV operators and sub contractors, bidding, designing and project management.

We are delighted to discuss particular projects to assess the feasibility of particular hammers and to discuss appropriate temporary works or equipment modifications to suit the project.


Arriving for work

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