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Sheet Pile Threader

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Dawson’s Sheet Pile Threader is an award winning idea which has revolutionised the process of interlocking sheet piles.  This device, which ensures safety and speed, enables one individual to link, at ground or platform level, a new pile alongside a panel of piles using the uniquely designed clamping system.

The crane is then used to lift the new pile until the toe of the new pile aligns with the top of the end pile of the panel.  The spring-loaded mechanism then pulls the pile into exact alignment and the pile is then lowered with the piles interlocked.

This unique system, used with the remote release shackles, allows all panel piling to be done at ground or platform level, with no need for a ‘monkey’ to be at panel-top height.  Operations can continue in less favourable conditions, as the new pile is kept tethered to a static pile and therefore has less scope for movement.


Manual and parts list

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