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Hydraulic Hammers

Click image for film

Click image for film

Dawson hammers are suitable for all kinds of piles, from the HPH1200 driving single U piles up to the HPH15000 driving conductor piles for oil installations.  The secret of the technology is that it keeps the pile moving by accelerating the ram weight up and down, thereby maintaining the momentum and stopping the energy being reflected back into the hammer.

Dawson’s range of hydraulic hammers punch well above their weight.  They are light to handle and uniquely very powerful because of their double action also accelerates the ram weight downwards.

This means that in whichever setting they are used, they are extremely fast and with their excellent sound reduction, relatively quiet too.  The smaller hammers can be powered from the carrier and with the appropriate attachments the hammers can be leader mounted and can drive underwater.

All of these factors mean that you need smaller machines for lifting, reduced access requirements, less time necessary on site and fewer in your piling gang, saving you money all round – and most importantly, unrivalled driving power.

We have technical specifications, case studies and video footage of many different types of use, we can supply appropriate fittings or guides and also offer guidance for use and method statements for bids.

Generic brochures:  hammers; power packs

Hammer models:  HPH15000HPH9000, HPH6500, HPH4500HPH2400 and HPH1200

(HPH15000 = 150 KNm energy)

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