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HP6500 driving raking piles

HP6500 driving raking piles

Welcome to the site of Dawson Engineering, which is focussed entirely on Africa with the exception of French speaking Western Africa.  We specialise in offshore and onshore pile driving hammers, pile lifting and guiding equipment, pile pushing equipment, extractors and excavator mounted vibrators and drills.

We offer high quality bid design, technical support and the very best liaison with customers and distributors.

Our products are available to be purchased for delivery in most parts of Africa, for a variety of applications in conditions which would beat many other apparently similar items of equipment.  For more information, please contact us.

We are delighted to invite contacts from any existing plant hire or plant resellers who would like to distribute these products in a specific jurisdiction; our criteria for such an appointment are based on their industry contacts and ability to provide sales and technical support for the products.