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Sheet pile capping


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Achieving a neat concrete cap finish to the top of rows of sheet piles is very difficult, particularly so quickly and without damaging the sheet pile wall.  It can also be a highly technical job, with a great deal of manpower required and considerable material wastage, to say nothing of difficulties of access on harbour works and similar situations.

Dawson’s capping system solves all of these problems.  The brackets are fitted into the pan of the piles (using points to achieve grip, rather than drilling) and a simple bracket laid and secured on top.  Within the brackets, long aluminium slots are then pushed into the pan, fitting the pile profile closely.  A small amount of filling next to the steel may be required to ensure a perfect finish and no material wastage, with minimal low skilled manpower required for the whole process.

The system constitutes the bottom shutter, the side shutters are simply placed up against the spacer bar of the panels to give a perfectly symmetrical finish; the panels incorporate a handrail to enhance safety, precision and access.  After the concrete is poured and cured, the brackets are removed and brackets drop out to be moved to the next section for setting up, achieving peerless economy and utility.  A heavy duty fixed bracket system is available for those projects requiring a much larger cap and therefore more loading on the system.

Brochures:  standard; heavy duty

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